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Privacy Policy

  1. This Privacy Policy regulates the treatment of personal information of users, by the Impact Investment Initiative for Global Health (hereinafter referred to as "Triple I") Secretariat (hereinafter "the Secretariat" or "us"), which the Office of Healthcare Policy, Cabinet Secretariat of Japan is currently leading, as the entity responsible for the treatment of personal information in the context of the Triple I.

    The provision of your personal information implies knowledge and acceptance of the conditions contained in this Privacy Policy.

  2. Fundamental Approach

    The Secretariat collects information from users (hereinafter "user" or "users"), which includes Triple I Partners, Advisory and Advocacy Partners, Implementation/Knowledge Partners(hereinafter referred to "Partners") as well as users of the website of Triple I (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"), to the extent necessary for its activities and for the smooth operation of the services provided on the Website (processing and distribution of information on the Website, receipt of various opinions, etc.). The collected information will be handled appropriately within the scope of the purpose of use. In its handling of personal information, the Secretariat strictly observes the requirements of Japan's "Act on the Protection of Personal Information"
    (Act No. 57 of May 30, 2003).

  3. Personal Information Collected

    Partners will be requested to provide personal information to the Secretariat which are necessary for its activities and operations. Such information includes name, company and title, e-mail, address of the company, telephone number as well as those information listed in the "Triple I Reporting Guidelines and Framework for projects/financial transactions".

    The Website automatically collects information such as domain names, IP addresses, and information on the Website's viewership. Cookies (information sent from the server to the user's browser and stored on the user's computer in order to identify the user on the server side) are used only to accurately determine the number of accesses and to improve the convenience of the browser display function.

  4. Purpose of Use

    The information collected in Section 1 by the Secretariat through manual and automatic processes (such as cookies), is exclusively utilized for the operations of Triple I, as well as for the smooth operation of the services provided by this Website. The Secretariat may outsource the collection and management of personal information to other business operators to the extent necessary for achieving the purpose of use of such information. In such a case, the outsourcer must also comply with related laws and take all appropriate measures to provide for proper management of information.

  5. Provision of Information Handled

    Except in case of request for disclosure based on related law or regulation, unauthorized access, illegal threats or other special circumstances, the Secretariat will not use any information collected for any purpose other than those stated in Section 2, or provide it to any third party.

  6. Storage period of personal information

    The period during which information are stored and retained varies according to the purpose of their processing. There are, however, legal requirements that oblige the Secretariat to retain information for a certain period. Thus, whenever there is no specific legal requirement, the information will be stored and preserved only for the period necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, as identified in Section 2.

  7. Information Protection Measures

    The Secretariat makes its best efforts to protect the personal information of users against unauthorised access. To this end, the Secretariat uses security systems, rules and other procedures to ensure the protection of personal information as well as to prevent unauthorised access to information, improper use, disclosure, loss or destruction.

    It is, however, the responsibility of users to ensure and guarantee that the devices and equipment used to access the site are adequately protected against harmful software, computer viruses and worms.

  8. Scope of Application

    This policy applies only to the Triple I and its Website. The Secretariat is not responsible for the content of external websites linked from this site.

  9. Amendment to the privacy policy

    This Privacy Policy, which you must read attentively, may be amended and the amendments are considered to enter into force on the date they are posted on this website, with direct reference to the date on which they are updated.

    Last update: November 2023

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