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Become a Partner

The Triple I for Global Health encourages participation from organizations intending to address global health challenges by promoting impact investing in global health. "Partners" of Triple I are institutions that commit to the principles, vision and mission of Triple I and support the activities of Triple I as much as possible.


Becoming a Partner of Triple I provides your organization with the following benefits.

  • Gather information and deepen expertise in impact investment and global health.
  • Expand networks among Partners and elaborate possibilities of cooperation.
  • Participate in meetings/events to share knowledge and exchange views.
  • Showcase own impact investment cases by presenting them at meetings/events.
  • Increase awareness, trust and corporate value as institution that contributes to SDGs.

Expected Roles

A Triple I Partner is expected to support the activities of Triple I in the following ways.

  • Promote impact investments in global health.

  • Report investment cases/projects and plans of investment which aligns with Triple I objectives to the Triple I Secretariat.
    * Reporting is not mandatory. Triple I Secretariat will utilize the reported information/data for study and knowledge sharing in Triple I in such themes as best practices, thematic opportunities, IMM tools, blended finance.
    Triple I Secretariat will not disclose any confidential information/data of specific Partners without consent.

  • Participate in meetings/events to share knowledge and exchange views.

The Procedure to Join

If your organization1 concurs with the principles, vision and mission of Triple I, send the signed Participation Form, your organization's logo and the registration document for organizational information and point of contact to the Triple I Secretariat. The Participation Form and the registration document can be downloaded below. Please note that the Participation Form needs to be signed by a senior member of your organization. The Triple I Secretariat will review your application to see if your organization is eligible for partner status.
After joining Triple I, The Triple I Secretariat will send you invitations to exclusive meetings and events and will seek your cooperation in developing the field of impact investment in global health.

Partner Contribution Fee

A partner contribution fee is not required currently2.

For More Details
Operational Guidelinespdf
Annex1: Reporting Guidelines and Frameworkpdf
Annex2: Participation Formpdf Participation Form Examplepdf
Registration of Organization Information and Point of Contactpdf
  1. 1) Assumed institutions as Partners are multilateral development banks (MDBs), development finance institutions (DFIs), public development banks (PDBs), fund managers, family offices, financial institutions and foundations, pension funds, institutional investors, wealth management firms, donor organizations, companies or industry shaping organizations, philanthropic organizations and other relevant organizations. If you have a query, please email the Triple I Secretariat (secretariat@tripleiforgh.org).
  2. 2) Consideration may be given to introduce partner contribution fee in the future.

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