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The Second Round Table for the Triple I for Global Health

The 2nd Impact Investment Initiative (Triple I) for Global Health Roundtable meeting took place on 12th March 2024. The focus was understanding the current situation, impediments, and potential of impact investing in Global Health. Prof. Rosemary Addis presented a keynote speech, stating the need for impactful action towards Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) specifically for global health. She emphasized the importance of effective IMM management, the role of innovative technology and targeted capital allocation in improving health outcomes. Prof. Addis stressed that measurement alone is insufficient and must be accompanied by effective management for creating a positive, tangible impact, especially in the global health landscape amidst current crises like climate change and increased consumption. The engaging keynote successfully set the tone for a detailed exchange and elicited thoughtful discourse from the roundtable participants on the future of impact investments in global health.

Representatives from mothers2mothers and LeapFrog Investments also shared their experiences in implementing Global Health investment initiatives and their success stories. Dillon presented how mothers2mothers is making strides to provide integrated primary healthcare services to women, their families, and communities throughout Africa. The group's particular commitment to reducing the incidences of mother-to-child HIV transmission has achieved a near-elimination of such cases. Niyati Dangi from LeapFrog Investments overviewed a study they had conducted calculating Disability- Adjusted Life Years (DALYs) for a portfolio company, revealing the methodologies used and the impacts seen. The DALY study allowed LeapFrog to measure the depth and scale of their impact on community health positively. The detail-oriented presentations exhibited ways that organizations can work towards significant and sustainable impact on global health.

Ambassador Naoki Ito provided an update on Triple I's progress, including sharing updated on the current number of Partner organizations, which have increased to 62 Partners since the last Round Table. Ambassador Naoki Ito further shared insights on data from Partner's investments in Global Health. Finally he updated participants on the timeline and future plans for the working group on IMM. Ambassador Naoki Ito highlighted the phased approach for the IMM working group of identifying the current position, setting targets, initiating research, mapping exercises, and promoting knowledge sharing.

Breakout discussions identified the need for practical, standardised IMM approaches within global health, which balance the individual data considerations and diverse array of potential impacts. Participants also underscored the need to focus not just on immediate results but also on potential longer-term outcomes of investments. They further explored the implementation of cross-cutting metrics, emphasizing measurement across diverse health sector areas. The session resolved that these metric frameworks guide Triple I's operations and involve diverse investor voices to contribute to this universal framework. Overall, the roundtable meeting was successful in setting the tone and path for the future of impact investments in the health sector.

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