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Triple I for Global Health Meeting with Advisory & Advocacy Partners

The meeting with Advisory & Advocacy Partners of the "Impact Investment Initiative for Global Health (Triple I)" was held online on January 26th, 2024. This event featured all eight Advisory & Advocacy Partners - the Center for Global Health and Development, Global Health Investment Corporation, Global Health Technologies Coalition, Global Impact Investing Network, Global Private Capital Association, G20 & G7 Health and Development Partners, Health Innovation Exchange, and UHC2030. Additionally, valuable insights were provided by Implementation Knowledge Partners, notably The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG).

The meeting began with a brief overview of Triple I's Roadmap, outlining its objectives and the three core pillars of its activities. This was followed by lively discussions among the Advisory & Advocacy Partners that explored potential collaborations on a range of topics. Key points of discussion included the impact measurement and management (IMM), importance of focusing on Africa and women, and the prospect of collaborations and joint events to reinforce each other's efforts in impact investing in global health.

Reflecting on these discussions, all participants engaged in an active exchange that resulted in the identification of concrete opportunities for collaboration to advance the efforts of Triple I. Triple I remains committed to contributing to global health through promotion of impact investment by strengthening networks and collaborations, bridging existing gaps and scaling up existing efforts.

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